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Being Curious

One of the coolest things kids have is their curiosity. They are exploring a world they are beginning to experience and they have so many questions!

Truthfully, we might find the excessive questions a little annoying at times, but think about it: they are just wanting to learn more. What color is this? Why do they call this a spoon? Why is the sky blue? Are we there yet? What is your favorite food? Why can't I stay up late? What is that on your head? All of these are truly great questions we often brush off as cute little things kids ask. But what would happen if we asked the questions that pop up in our heads more frequently?

Let's think about it through animals. Cats are also highly curious beings. Have you ever seen a tiny 3 pound cat try to touch an active power drill? Or jump from a 6 feet drawer? Or compete against a giant dog? We know better than to engage in risky behaviors such as these, but we have to admire cats' curiosity.

What would happen if we lived curiously? Or if we already are curious, if we became even more curious about the world around us? What if we asked more questions? Looked up answers? Engaged in conversations that might feel fruitless but might not be?

I encourage you to engage in a curious day. For at least one day, allow yourself to ask the questions you think are too "stupid" to ask. To wonder about a person's way of doing things. To question why you do things in a particular way. To look up a definition to an unknown word. To look up how a specific place got its name. If you feel like sharing, I would love to read what came up for you.

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