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About Me

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish


I am a licensed psychologist guided by passion and compassion. One of my goals is to spread mental health awareness.

I am a Latina therapist, born and raised in Puerto Rico. My experiences include working with depression, anxiety, life transitions and challenges (dating, moving to a new place, starting a new job, starting college, losing a loved one, coping with world events such as the pandemic), identity stressors (culture, gender, sexuality, discrimination), empowerment, trauma healing, and self-acceptance.

I have worked in Puerto Rico, New York, Los Angeles, and Florida, and one of my passions includes multiculturalism and continuous personal growth.

My ongoing work includes depression in comedy and other forms of art and entertainment, as well as identification through art and entertainment (including representation).

Watch my video below for more information.

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